Elettra Fiumi (USA)

Best Short Documentary

The story of the 9999 Group, one of the more influential and lesser known groups of the Radical Architecture movement.

David Maybrick (UK)

Best Comedy

What happens when you're about to meet the priest for a discussion about the Christening, and your husband wants to call your first child 'Jurgen' ?

Lorenzo Puntoni (Italy)

Best Experimental

An unidentified individual, dominated by his daily pounding routine, is pushed beyond the limits of his own identity.

Christian Prener, Jens Langkjaer (Denmark)

Best Short Film

Set in an abandoned mine in the countryside of Bosnia, a group of young boys get immersed in a game of war. As the game looses its innocence, the moral dilemmas of war-torn country resurface.

Aleksandra Nestorov (Serbia)

Best Student Film

After her son's favorite jacket gets stained in a fight, a Roma women is determined to find a dry cleaner that will not turn her away.

Michael Bernstein, Anja Schürenberg (Germany)

Best Short Documentary

In southern Italy, we encounter Antonio La Cava, a former teacher who has been traveling across the country with his Bibliomotocarro for many years now and encouraging children to read books. When the small, sky-blue Ape – a mobile library with a tiled roof and a chimney – arrives in the remote villages of the Basilicata, it becomes clear time and again just how important books and reading are for children.

Augusto Sinay (Argentina)

Best Editor

A veteran boxer loses his hearing after an arranged fight. He struggles to overcome this situation while abandoned by his manager. The desperate effort to find him, the loneliness and the stabbing silence drag him to a hostile fight outside the ring.

Kuba Gryżewski (Poland)

Best Student Film

Stefan visits his adult daughter who lives in another city. He meets her new boyfriend on the spot. This one, however, does not appeal to him at all.

Adi Voicu (Romania)

Best Short Film

Six passengers are traveling to the seaside in a train compartment. After a while, a suspicion makes some of them lose their composure and the remainder of the trip goes terribly wrong.

Andrea Hachuel (France)

Best Short Film

Frangipani Rising is a modern fairy tale set on a beautiful island where the moon and nature seem to have a strange power over the inhabitants. Nyoman, our hero, is the loneliest person he knows and has given up on the idea of ever finding love. Not even the moonlit escapades with his friends, nor the beauty that surrounds him can seem to lift his spirits. Until one night, pushed by despair, he curses at the moon and blames her for his fate. The next morning, Nyoman discovers his house has been shaken by an earthquake, and something unthinkable has grown in his garden…

Lorenzo Puntoni (Italy)

Best Producer

Two human beings, far one from the other, meet: the first and carefree day at the swimming pool, the last and dramatic step of a massacre’s plan.

Award Nominations


Frangipani Rising by Andrea Hachuel (France)
Isa by Christian Prener and Jens Langkjaer (Denmark)
Sickboy by Julian Muller (USA)
Indimenticabile by Gianluca Santoni (Italy)
Good Luck by Mattis Ohana Goksøyr (Norway)
AKA (Also Known As) by David Maybrick (UK)


The Dormhouse King by Marie Henin (Germany)
Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive
by Yossi Atia and David Ofek (Israel)
Breath by Ozkan Yilmaz (Turkey)
Imperfect Age by Ulisse Lendaro (Italy)

Short Documentary

9999: Florentine Memoirs by Elettra Fiumi (USA)
Moving Libraries by Michael Bernstein and
Anja Schürenberg
A Reminiscence of Little China by Soca Ling Respati (Indonesia)
When Mom is Gone by Zeynep Gulru Kececiler (Turkey)


Opeka by Cam Cowan (USA)
Cinema Pameer by Nicola Sorcinelli (Italy)
The Marriage Project by Atieh Attarzadeh Firozabad and Hesam Eslami (Iran)
The Bachelor House by Dirk Schäfer (Germany)
The Price of Progress by Victor Luengo (Spain)
93: Stories Told Through a Piano by Guido Bajaña Yude (Ecuador)


A Punk Daydream by Jimmy Hendrickx (Belgium)
Jester's Calendar by Levan Adamia (Georgia)
Long Day Tomorrow by Pawel Wysoczanski (Poland)
Talking to the Wind by Akshaya Sawant (India)


Phoenix by Laurens Zautsen (Netherlands)
The Jacket by Aleksandra Nestorov (Serbia)
Rooftop Refugee by Alexandra Brodski (UK)
Roots by Kuba Gryżewski (Poland)
The Shadow of the Sun by Ido Hartmann (Israel)


Quantic Love by Paulo Furtado (Portugal)
Morte et Dabo: Gift of Death by Rubén Möller (Canada)
Burden Halved by Kitty McNamee (USA)
Person by Lorenzo Puntoni (Italy)
The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time
by Vincent René-Lortie (Canada)

Best Cinematographer

Ghost of a Chance - Michael Schindegger (USA)
Let's Get Lost - Sean Price Williams and Hunter Zimny (USA)
Ars Natura - Hans Leysieffer (Switzerland)
Campesinos - Miller Best (Australia)
Rumori - Luca Esposito (Italy)


F20 by Arsen Anton Ostojic (Croatia)
Growth by Allison Miller (USA)
Sunshine by Carla Malling Agger (Denmark)
The Last Trip to the Seaside by Adi Voicu (Romania)


Olma Djon - Herve Schneid, Victoria Yakubov and Arielle Assenova (France)
Radio From the American Sector - Karyn Barnett-Day,
Broken Cage Studios and Kaitlyn Brown
Aquarium - Andrea Gori and Angelo Troiano (Italy)
Athina - Stockholm - Anastasia Sima (Greece)
My Sister - Burcu Aykar (Turkey)


Cairene Dreams by Andrew Abdou, Max Gray and
Michael Petzinger (USA)

Overgrown by John Bourke (Australia)
He Hangs Brightly by Daniel Talbott (USA)
Roulette by Isaac Fordsmith (Australia)
In Your Hands by Carlo Liberatore (Italy)


Wolfdogs - Dominic Leclerc (Canada)
Taxi - Gianluigi Tarditi (Italy)
The Sound of the Bell - Noelia Solmi (Argentina)
Gold - Grant Vance (USA)